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DVI Cables

DVI-I, DVI-D, DVI-A, Dual Link and Single Link, DVI to HDMI, DVI to VGA

Our DVI cable range includes low cost, Premium, Premium Gold and fiber optic types available with a variety of different connectors such as DVI-I, DVI-D, DVI-A, Dual Link and Single Link.

Also available are DVI to HDMI and DVI to VGA adapter cables. Choose from a wide selection of lengths. Ideal for use with HD TVs, DVD players, computers and TFT monitors.

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DVI-D Cables (Up to 10m)

DVI-D Super Long Distance Cables (Up to 25m)

Premium Gold DVI-D Cables (Up to 10m)

Premium Gold DVI-D Super Long Distance Cables (Up to 25m)

DVI-I Cables

HDMI to DVI Adapter Cables

Premium Gold HDMI to DVI Cable Assemblies

DVI to VGA Adapter Cables

2m DVI Cable - Premium DVI-D Dual Link DVI Lead

10m Premium Gold DVI-D Single Link, Super Long Distance Cable

2m DVI Cable - Premium DVI-D Dual Link DVI Lead

10m Premium Gold DVI-D Single Link, Super Long Distance Cable

Some of our DVI Best Sellers

New DVI Products

DVI-I Male to DVI-D Female + VGA Female Splitter Cable

Connect your computer to two monitors!

This splitter cable enables a computer, which supports simultaneous digital and analogue video output via its DVI-I output port, to be connected to two separate monitors, e.g. one DVI TFT and one VGA CRT.

  • Connectors: DVI-I Dual Link Male to DVI-D Dual Link Female + VGA 15 Way HD Female
  • Length: 20cm
  • 10 Year Warranty

Note: Before purchasing this cable, please ensure that your computer can output simultaneous digital and analogue signals from its DVI-I port. You may need to check your system documentation or contact your computer manufacturer for clarification.

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